movement direction

Angela's skills and interest in the physical-life of a piece bring into focus the subtle details of characterisation, and extends to larger ensemble movement and the overall shape of the space - both in extended and naturalistic work.

Specific interests include:
- devising of original material (with our without text, naturalism and stylized)
- character work (in-depth development, aging, working with particular physical requirements)
- ensemble development
- creating environment/ atmosphere, crowd scenes, movement scores and sequences
- collaborating with different performance artists (actors, circus artists, rappers)
- basic fight choreography
- period etiquette

Angela works with the belief that each action has an intention. Every movement - individually and collectively, in abstraction and in naturalism - has a thought behind it that is grounded in the actor/ performer.

I approach each project with the desire to serve the needs of the piece. At times, the process allows for/ requires collaboration with the artistic team and actors, and other times my job is to come in and "fix" a particular problem quickly. My expertise is in collaborating with director and performers to create material and work, and to ensure through-line and cohesiveness throughout the performance piece.